AutoCAD® + Google EarthTM

Connect your AutoCAD projects to Google Earth/Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap or any WMS provider (e.g. USGS)

Design directly onto the real world!

You are always looking at the bigger picture to make the best design decisions.

Easily import high-res imagery from Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, USGS or any other WMS provider.


Winning their heart wins the contract.

Impress and engage clients and stakeholders, winning their hearts, their appreciation – and the contract – by taking advantage of Google Earth’s compelling and interactive experience.


Securing your projects onto solid ground.

Now you can design with greater confidence, because you really can see everything; every bump and dip, every channel, ridge or obstruction on the site, and the surrounding areas too.

Any time you like, anywhere in the world.


Design from above.

Enhance your work by utilizing all the tools you need to bring your project into life.

The new network licensing system allows each team member to tie into your design process.


Key Features

✔ Imports satellite & aerial imagery

Import images and create seamless mosaics with aerial imagery from the provider that gives you the best quality, such as Google Earth/Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap or any WMS server (e.g. USGS).

✔ Creates terrain models

You need to have a view of the terrain in your project's area?
Plex.Earth brings into AutoCAD the terrain you see in Google Earth. No matter how big or small your project is, you can now easily create contours, put labels or measure the elevation and slope for any position, anytime you need it.

✔ Exports to Google Earth

Export your design models directly to Google Earth, quickly and easily, in both KML and compressed KMZ format for greater versatility.

✔ Imports KML

Take advantage of all the data available out there, by importing the KML files you share with colleagues and partners. Each element will find its exact position in your drawing.

✔ Full package for surface creation

Full package for surface creation by any data set, such as breaklines, boundaries, points or even elevation data extracted by plain text in AutoCAD.

✔ Imports Geotagged Photos

Do you need to bring inside your drawing the pictures from the worksite?
Do you want to know exactly the positions from where the photos have been taken?
Plex.Earth brings pictures from GSP-enabled cameras or smartphones into AutoCAD. Effortlessly and precisely. Right into their exact position.

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